Why an independent SEO consultant is more trustworthy

Searching for an SEO company can be a daunting prospect. You must spend some time on the net researching the best SEO companies. Then contact them for an analysis of your website, business, keywords and relative positions of same. In an ideal world, the process should deliver a clear winner who will provide the best service for you.

Effective independent SEO consultant needs expert knowledge and experience in the field of search engine optimization. As such, most business enterprises like to work with an SEO pundit, either internally employed by the company, better referred to as an independent SEO consultant or from an outsourced search engine optimization agency. Depending on your firm’s budget and targets, the judgment to work with an in-house search engine optimization specialist or hiring an independent SEO consultant varies from one business house to another. Your ultimate goal should be that your adopted SEO stratagem should mirror the current-day SEO practices while staying updated with latest advancements in the search engine industry.

Unfortunately, the road to finding a good SEO provider can be fraught with danger thus consider Why an independent SEO consultant is more trustworthy.

No pushy sales calls
No sharks or conmen
An independent expert in the field working for you
One point of contact
No time wasted researching the industry
No long presentations

Once you have taken that initial daunting step of actually contacting some SEO Companies, you will run the gauntlet of pushy salespeople who will bombard you with endless sales calls and e-mails promising anything and possibly even their first-born to close a deal and bring in that sale. These dedicated fellows will pursue you relentlessly for that deal; in short, the process of finding an SEO company can be stressful, protracted and a drain on your time.

However, there may be a better way to find an online marketing provider; Independent seo consulting. This is a relatively new addition to the world of search engine optimization offering you the possibility to have one point of contact who will deal with all of the hassles associated with procuring a provider by the traditional route.

These Independent Consultants will already have a list of the best and most reliable providers in the marketplace; they will then consult with you to find the best company for your needs based on each company’s performance within your relevant sector. The shortlist will then be submitted to you so that you may make your final choice. Where is the catch? There isn’t one. Simply this approach weeds out the real sharks in the industry, finds the top performers in your sector and offers the shortlist to you.

You don’t pay the independent broker, for you their services are free. The broker is paid by the service providers so no additional costs for you. So why not go to the company direct? Firstly there is always an economy of scale, the Independent SEO Consultants will pass a lot of business to the service providers and on the strength of this volume will have negotiated a discount to cover their costs. You would not be in that enviable position. Secondly doing that would open the doors to all of the problems you are trying to bypass by letting the Independent Consultants field all of the aggravation for you.