The Why You Should Use High Security Locks For Your Home And Business Premises

The best way to keep your home safe and give yourself a piece of mind at the same time is to make sure that your home or business concerns have only the best in high-security locks installed by reputable and qualified locksmiths. Securing your business gives you the peace of mind reducing the risks and high expenses on insurance. On the other hand, securing your home offers your family the peace you need. Let us see the reasons Why you should use High Security Locks.


Key control

All quality high-security locks should employ a restricted keying system. These keys will hold an individual patent, and can only be copied or replaced by a certified locksmith that has been approved to do so. Ordinary keys can be easily duplicated by anyone skilled in doing so, because all of the forms are so similar, and lack proprietary patents. For added security, insist on having those keys registered as a signature only key. This means that an authorized signature would be required, and verified by the locksmith before duplicating.


Pick resistant

Ordinary locks can easily be unlocked by any lock pick purchased on the Internet today, with just a little practice. With the pick resistant measures installed in today’s high-security locks, even the most experienced burglars will find it impossible to break them. Some models feature some obvious differences on the outside, only to hide more defenses inside the locks themselves.


Drill resistant

With an ordinary lock, they can be easily breached using a standard drill by drilling a hole at the top of the lock and creating a shear between the inner cylinder, and its surrounding housing. With high-security locks, they are specially designed to resist such measures, and all the drilling in the world will not force these locks to be opened.


Physically resistant

Dedicated burglars, when faced with a difficult lock, may resort to physical force to break through the door. High-security locks today come with reinforced striking plates, backed up by an interlocking deadbolt for just this kind of situation. Even if they cannot force the lock, there is no way that they will breach the door.


Heavy-duty and long-lasting

Tough and strong High-Security Locks are made with quality components that make it stand against any wear-and-tear. The manufacturers use brass and anti-rust steel constituents so you’re sure that even though you’ve been using your lock for a long time, it would still be working perfectly.


Key control patent.

High-Security Locks are made with a special patent design that prevents it from being duplicated easily by any means. It uses a special key system which allows the key to being duplicated only by manufacturer’s locksmiths. If you hand down your keys to your maid, auto repairman or valet and you worry that they may duplicate it, then make use of High-Security Locks which they cannot duplicate.



High-Security Locks are simply built better. They incorporate the finest of materials in their construction, typically brass and steel, and there are no die-cast pieces within them that can be easily tripped or broken.