Types of Porches


Some of the fondest memories in life happens in that architectural addition which protrudes out of the wall of your house. The porch invites adults and kids alike to spend some of their valuable time peacefully and happily. Here are the types of porches that stands out in their category at Porch & Patio of Frederick.

1)Front porch
This is the most traditional and most widely accepted of all porches. A front porch is usually suitable for the
person who wants to have a good neighborhood connection. This could be that specific piece which attracts and welcomes the near and dear ones. When designed properly, it can remove that flat-faced dullness, the building gives.

2)Screened porch
If you are that guy who loves to enjoy the natural cool breeze and the warmth of the sun’s rays, this one is definitely for you.Mostly, the screening is done with a mesh of either aluminum or fiberglass in order to keep those bugs out of your comfort zone.It is widely gaining popularity due to that “outdoor room” type of feeling it evokes in a person. Most advanced screen porches are controlled by a remote. The motorized system lets you have entire control over the screens and let you decide how you wanna enjoy your time outdoors.

3)Rain porch
The distinct characteristic of this porch is its roof that will extend far beyond the porch deck’s edge. The main aim of such improvisation is to prevent the porch from rain and to shade it from the sun. Also known as Carolina porch, it is an external living are with freestanding supports accompanied with a balustrade format deck. This type of porch is usually found in Southeastern The United States.

4)Wraparound porch
Once when it feels like the casual living room is not spacious enough, it is time to welcome a wraparound porch. It helps to extend the living room while allowing the guests to enjoy the beauty of the garden. But one main defect of a wraparound porch is that, it kinds of shades the inside of one’s house.Therefore it quite essential to note the movement of sun before planning to give this addition to the house. The main advantage when it comes to a wraparound porch is that it provides an opportunity to create various zones within your casual living room. If the house is located in the countryside, the landscape will surely create a bright impact.

5)Sleeping porch
A sleeping porch is usually enclosed with screened windows and is furnished mainly to sleep. The main objective behind a sleeping porch was to create a cool place for sleeping during hot summer nights. The screen would let the fresh air pass through while giving a sense of security.

6)Back porch
A typical back porch speaks an informal but flexible language of how the house functions. This area is usually used for certain activities like gardening, cooking something special for that weekend and so on.A back porch can also be combined with the upper deck to provide more possibilities of utilization. Choosing the right porch type concerning influential factors like location, climate, etc. is what it takes to convert a house into a home.