Tips to sell a home fast

A house is not a house only but a home that you have lived in for many years.

Certain important things to note before you put your house on sale ,which not only enhances your home decor but also gives a valuable price to your home

The buyer has various properties that he can choose from , but you have only one house that you are putting on sale therefore the famous proverb ” The first impression is the last impression” applies greatly when you put your house for sale

Some tips when selling your home from the Sell My House Houston Pros site:

1 . A positive and vibrant home atmosphere, is a must when the buyer enters your home.

2. A fresh coat of paint in the whole house would clear the dust of the walls and make your house look more presentable.

3. Minimalistic furniture would show the buyer, how he can enhance the spaces or if necessary he could picture his own furniture in your house

4 Remove family pictures.

5. The pathway to your home should be well lit in order to showcase your home , as the entry would create a great impact on the mind of the buyer. 6. Make sure that there are no leaking taps, broken bulbs and damaged doors.

7. In case of any carpets, either remove them, or get them thoroughly cleaned to avoid any dust or dirt so that they would look fresh and neat.

8. If you have any pets, let them not soil or dirty the place when you have an open house . Best is to keep them away when you are showing your home.

9. Lighting in the house would be of great importance whether its day or night time , this will create a soothing impact on the buyer

10. When the house is sold with furniture , the furniture should be polished and shining . The wardrobes can be emptied and cleaned . keep the wardrobes open , that helps the buyer to picturize his own clothes in the wardrobe

11. In case of a garden home, make sure the lawn is well trimmed, the flowers are bright and well watered and pots are clean and free of dirt

12. Make sure you house is well ventilated, specially if you have a basement area

13. Freshly baked cookies or brewing coffee will definitely add a lovely fragrance to the home

14. Clearing all your dues such as property tax, light bill, water bill, and other utilities.

15. All your paperwork should be in order so that at a glance the buyer can have a look at it and feel more confident

16. Do a thorough research on the property prices in your area, before you put your house in the market.

17. Be well versed with all real estate questions , to make sure you can satisfy all the queries of the buyer

18. In case you are going through a broker, do get a complete report on him/her. if you are selling on your own use social media for advertisement. Do not forget to tell friends about the sale.