The job of electrical contractors

The electricity industry is not only an ever-growing industry but it also generates a staggering amount of revenue to its various stakeholders. The demand for electrical experts is constantly there and this has led to the emergence of electrical contractors.

Electrical contractors are individuals or firms that do special construction work pertaining to designing, installing and maintaining electrical systems.

There is a distinction between electricians and electrical contractors. While electricians are simply individuals that do the work on electrical systems, electrical contractors are firms or individuals that actually employ electricians.

The industry norm is that these electrical contractors should hold industry licences. This serves to show that they are capable of complying with regulations that guarantee safety of their work. Requirements for holding a licence varies from one state to another.

Classification of electrical contractors.

There are generally 3 groups of electrical contractors. Each group performs different types of work. In a job a single electrical contractor or Electrician Bristol may be involved or a group of different contractors may be involved.

1. Outside/ line contractors are those that usually deal with high voltage power lines. They put up and maintain the transmission lines that usually distribute electricity from power plants through substations until it finally reaches the consumption point.

2. Inside electrical contractors are those that are responsible for installing and maintaining electrical systems within the confines of the boundary of a property inclusive of substations and also outdoor lighting. They are the ones who do electrical systems for homes, institutions and commercial building.

3. Integrated building systems (IBS). These do electrical systems that deal with low voltage like telecommunications, security systems, backup powers and wireless network. They have the techniques to integrate these systems to work together in order to realise maximum electricity efficiency.

Job description of electrical contractors.

Electrical contractors are primarily involved in setting up and maintaining electrical systems inclusive of work like setting up switches, wiring, putting breaker boxes among other things. They generally carry out their job in a range of environments like homes, industries and commercial buildings. Their work hours vary depending on their employer and the personal job description. Most electrical contractors concentrate on either installing or maintenance though some may do both.

Job duties for electrical contractors.

They generally have the capacity to carry out a range of tasks. They generally do work pertaining installing and maintaining electrical systems, they may also do administrative work and customer service. In administrative work and customer service, their work entails getting in touch with clients, making appointments and meeting regulatory requirements like permit application. Maintenance activities involve checking electrical systems, replacing and repairing of parts. They may also be involved in wiring during construction.

Electrical contractors are very vital people to engage with especially when electricity is involved. They possess the necessary expertise needed to make your place safe and conducive for electricity usage. However, it is very vital to ensure that the electrical contractors are certified to perform their responsibilities. Engaging with electrical contractors surely is a right investment for electricity safety and usage.