The cost of better lawn maintenance

A beautiful, well-maintained lawn is a pride in this autumn season for most of the people. The way you make grass more pretty will surely depends on the way that how much caring you are taking for it. Healthy green lawn increases positive vibes around it and makes the whole environment a pleasant one. But when it comes to the maintenance of lawn few people maintain it in the correct way and few don’t. The best lawn care is very important for a healthy good looking lawn.

Lawn care actually requires quality time, daily watering and few fertilizers. Due to busy schedules, many people don’t find time to maintain their lawns. For people who are busy, there are many lawn care services available these days like Organic lawn care services, Home lawn care services etc.

How much does it cost for better maintenance of lawns in Ohio?

The cost depends on different companies depending on the square footage. On an average, lawn care services cost $30 to $80 per visit. They generally charge additional fees for leaf blowing, edging and seasonal cleanup.

During the peak growing season, the services may be required once per week. Each service demands its own rates. The cost may change depending on numerous factors.

In many communities, the size of the garden/lawn will be a major factor in the cost

While pricing few Lawn care services also consider the distance.

The estimated price will also include the materials required and labor for the particular task.

The upkeep of the equipment will also be considered.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Though hiring a lawn care services cost a penny, it has many advantages.


A good lawn care service will definitely save the time of the homeowner. By hiring a lawn care service, 2 hours can be saved every week and obviously a whole day during summer when the lawn needs extra time.

Many services:

The lawn care service companies offer different services like fertilization, aeration and also installation of the huge pile of grass. When we compare the cost of purchasing equipment to a service company, both costs the same while lawn care Service Company offers many services.

Experienced technicians:

Most of the professionals who come to take care of the lawn on behalf of lawn care companies have years of experience. They are also specially trained to take good care of the lawn.

Lawn care tips:

Watering: A lawn needs good moisture to stay healthy and green. So watering is important for a green looking lawn.

Divide lawn care: Segregate your lawn care into summer care, spring care, winter and fall care.


To keep the lawn healthy in all seasons, good fertilization is important.

1/3 Rule: This is considered as the best calculation for good growth of the grass. The grass must never be removed more than 1/3rd of its length. As this add stress to the grass which may affect its growth.


A healthy lawn must be free from weeds and pests. There are various ways to maintain a lawn which include watering, using best quality pesticides, following good tips and Do-lt-Yourself tricks. Lawn care companies and home lawn care services are also available to help people in lawn care.