Steps to take after you’ve lost a social security card

Social security card is issued to American residents, American residents and non-residents working in America. The card holds a nine-digit number and is issued by the social security administration. Currently, the social security number is used as an identification number for taxation besides social security purposes. To get a social security number, one has to apply online or fill out a form SS-S.What is temporary social security card? Temporary social security card is issued under special circumstances. For instance, when one is requesting for a new social security card. The details online can be printed or scanned and given to the individual before the real social security card is mailed to the given physical address. This copy of the social security card can be just as the original. This is because the social security number is the most important part of the card. This temporary card can be used until the actual one is mailed to your address.

For the purposes of immigration and seeking citizenship of America, one will need to first get a temporary social security card. Moreover, people going to work in America will require the temporary social security card. To obtain the card, the individuals will have to fill out an 88-5 form. Under such circumstances, the individual will be required to bring a birth certificate from his/ her country of origin and a passport. Within two weeks you will receive your temporary social security card from the relevant department, e.g.

When you lose your social security card you may need to replace it with a temporary one. This is especially vital when you are applying for a job. You will need to prove your citizenship i.e. you are an American citizen. You will need to carry your national identity card as will prove your age. You will also have to show your intentions of getting the temporary social security card. If all is proven, then a temporary card will be printed and issued to you.

Social security card is very vital for anyone staying in America. Whether working or not, the social security card is used to offer social services and track tax payments by individuals. such it is very vital for all Americans and non-Americans to have the number. Note that you can not do any work in America without the card.

Many people do not know about the temporary social security card. then what is a temporary social security card? this a card the is issued prior to issuing of the actual social security card. it has the social security number that will be on the actual card. The temporary social security card can be issued to both American residents and nonresident.

A point to note is that social security number is very vital for one to survive in the united state. In majorly, it is also used as an identification document. There three types of a social security card. The first it the one for permanent residents of America. this card gives them the power to work and stay permanently in America. The second type does not allow an individual to work in America. It is designated as “not valid to work” while the third type allows working under special circumstances. It is designated as “valid for work with only DHS authorization”.