Importance of Changing Your Address When Moving Homes

Moving to another city or country comes with a lot of stress since you have to prepare your new home for you and your family hence remembering to notify important organizations about your change of address can be difficult. Forgetting this important activity is likely to cause many unforeseen issues like missing out on important bills. Remembering to update everything through a checklist and ensuring that you change your mailing address keeps important organizations you do business with informed on your new residence.

According to statistics, nearly one hundred million pieces of important mail sent every year do not reach the intended recipients, simply because of people moving to new homes and not changing their address. This results to wastage of manpower, fuel and paper. Notifying important organizations of your new mailing address is extremely important for the following reasons:

1. Identity verification: You may notice that when subscribing to Netflix, you are asked to provide the address that is directly linked to your credit card. This is because credit card companies always ensure that you are who you claim to be. The moment you register with Visa in order to obtain your credit card, you will be required to provide your residential address hence when you purchase goods online, this information is compared with your billing address. In case you move but fail to notify Visa, your purchase will be declined since they will be unable to identify you. Registration departments, telecommunication companies, insurance companies, motor vehicle license including the police also use this tactic.

2. It is a requirement in law: Most provinces have enacted laws requiring people to update their personal information with public organisations such as motor vehicle registration and licensing departments as well as healthcare institutions. The importance of these laws is to ensure that governments keep accurate and updated records on citizens for future requirements such as voting. Giving wrong information may result in an identity verification failure which is quite expensive.

3. You are able to receive important mail: There are some documents that can only be sent through mail such as passports, drivers’ licenses and card renewals. This also includes documents that require an original signature. All these documents cannot be sent via email thus failure to update your address means that you may lose important mail or it may end up in the wrong hands. Monthly subscriptions such as magazines and newspapers, Christmas cards and bank statements are also sent via mail. Even after you move to a new place, you will still receive important documents in your mailbox.

4. You can still pay your bills: You will need to pay for important services like electricity, telephone and water. It is therefore important to contact each of these utility companies to let them know of your change of address to ensure that all your services are switched over.

To avoid losing an important document somewhere between your old home and the new one, ensure that you take care of the change of address by visiting the post office near your city of destination.