How to keep your social security card safe


There are people who are using social security numbers on daily bases. Even there is the lot of private data of people which needs to be secure. In the modern technology, it is not so hard for hackers to break your identity.

If you don’t know who needs your SSN and who don’t know your SSN then it can harm you a lot. There are many institutes who ask for your security but they never require your it. You need to make sure that you keep it safe because it is a linchpin to your identity.

Most of the thief wants to steal your SNN and wants to use for the illegal purpose. There are some places in the USA where it is important to show your identities such as rent or houses. It’s a big thing for a thief to get someone’s SSN and if you will not protect then you surely will lose your identity. Protect it today by replacing your old risky card with a new one at

Here are some of the tips to protect your SSN.

Offer alternatives

If someone is asking you for an SSN then you can give another identity such as driving license number. There are many identity alternatives you can use such as passport, current address and student Id.

Consider identity protection services

One of the best things that you can do is getting a help of the identity protection. It can be costly but it is so effective in many ways. There are many services can help you such as Life Lock, Identity force and so on.  You can see the charges as the investment in your security. It helps you to find the suspicious activities on your account and give you an alert when attackers attack.

Ask Why

You need to ask why they want your SSN. What is the purpose to ask for the identity?
Even you can ask the below questions:
1. Is SSN necessary?
2. with whom you will share?
3. Where will my number will store?
4. What’s your privacy policy?
5. What will you do if it lost or stolen?

Don’t take SSN on your wallet

Never do this mistake. There are many have been stolen from the wallet. Even there are many people who lost the SSN from their wallet or forget their wallet somewhere. You can memorize the number and can put the card in the safe place.

Don’t use it as the password

It is easy to remember and put the SSN as your password but it can be your one of the biggest mistakes. It is easy to identify the numbers that you put as passwords. There are attackers who can easily decode your password.

Keep your account secure

You can check your accounts at regular intervals. Even there are many banks that provide services of alerts so whenever update happen in your accounts you will get the alert for it. so if you didn’t make any purchase then you will get the alert and you can take immediate action on it.

Even you can check your credit score too. You can use the security freeze. Your creditors can’t see any personal information without your permission. You can also start the fraud alerts. All you need do is renew it every 90 days.


You need start controlling your SSN. Never ever give without asking why they need or what they will do with it.