How a good paint job can improve your curb appeal

In most cases, painting is a fairly simple task, even for the most inexperienced people. Depending on the size of the space. However, there are several methods and techniques that should be investigated before you start painting which will significantly speed up the process. In addition, you must learn how to simplify the work and learn to avoid “painting disasters”

Paint the Trim on the Front of the House

When you live at home for a long time, you will hardly notice that the finish has disappeared for many years. The paint can still effectively protect the wood under it, but the color has lost its shine. You will be surprised how a fresh layer of paint on a wooden finish can lead to a boring, faded house to return to life. Adjusting the original color is the simplest approach because you can only use one layer according to

To change the color, it may take several layers to hide the original color. On the other hand, a bright new color can be exactly what you need to make your home stand out. Consult the painting contractor for color suggestions that will match the basic color of your home.

Paint the front of the house

Paint on stucco homes are often delayed for many years, but if the budget allows it, painting the walls at home in combination with the finish can really make a home that will attract a lot of attention. There is no need to walk or come back home if you do not want to. The use of high-quality latex acrylic paint designed for plastering, such as duration Sherwin-Williams, or in a more harsh climate, consider elastomeric paint, such as Kel-Seal Kelly Moore acrylic or waterproof elastomer coating Benjamin Moore.

Paint the front door

The front door can often be cracked and damaged by re-use. The best way to repaint the door – a loop to remove it, if it is flat between two saws, but you can do it when the gate is in place. Prepare the surface as described above, remember to sand to remove the glossy finish. For best results, choose an enamel paint for external use

Paint the garage door

Many garage doors face the street and offer a wide view of the house. Faded, flaky, striped, cracked paints stand out clearly. Begin by preparing the door, like on any other surface, by scraping, cleaning and maybe a little grinding. Then use a qualitative foundation, such as Zinnser Bullseye 123.

Paint Rain Gutters

Rain gutters usually pass along the front edge of the roof and, like in the case of wood, they respond well to the paint layer to refresh them. Fortunately, if they are in the same house, they are easily accessible and quickly drawn. Everything that should be higher, you should leave a specialist for painting. Gutters made of aluminum and galvanized are well-drawn. The quick brushing with a wire brush is probably all you need to prepare them for painting.

Paint or Stain Front Yard Fences

Most side fences are visible not from the front and can be left in a natural way. However, a fence passing along the front of the object, for example, a decorative fence, must be provided with a new coat of paint to spark it. Working with a roller or brush is often a slow process. Rent a sprayer or hire a customer to complete the task. Maybe they’ll end it in an hour or two. If you choose a stain to preserve the natural color of the tree, remember to thoroughly clean the fence and then finish the dyeing process for one continuous operation. Pigmented spots can simultaneously add color and water.