Bathroom Construction

With constant use of our homes, renovation becomes necessary every once in a while. Whether you want to build the house of your dreams or simply renovate the one you currently own, it is essential that you hire a professional construction company to ensure high-quality results. Like any other big industry in Irvine California, it is important for you to know how to choose the right company for your home or bathroom new construction or remodeling.

Things to consider when hiring construction companies in irvine

Here are some important tips to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth when hiring a construction company for your home or bathroom in Irvine California,

· Request for previous projects done by the company.

· Check the company’s credentials, certifications, and permits.

· Ask if the construction company is insured

· Find a contractor who specializes in your work. This means that if you want to remodel your bathroom, it is a good idea to get a contractor who specializes in bathroom or kitchen remodeling.

· Get a detailed contract signed before work begins

· Monitor the progress regularly

Services offered by most construction companies in Irvine California

There has been a great boom in the construction business in Irvine California over the last five years. This begs the question of why construction companies are doing so well now compared to previous years. This comes as a result of great and reasonably stable economy of the state during this time.

Below are some of the various construction services that you can hire a company for Irvine California,

Home construction

Most construction companies will have designs ready for you to choose from, however, it is always a good idea to also include your ideas to the final design to ensure that the final construction is exactly the way you want.

Bathroom remodeling

To give your bathroom that fresh look, bathroom remodeling necessary. Whether you like a traditional or modern look, most construction companies should have designs ready that you can customize to suit your needs. Bathroom remodeling has 4 crucial stages which are,

Design stage

This is a very important stage which will also determine how good your final project will be. It is important that you take your time going through diverse designs and work with the designers from the company to ensure that you are satisfied with the design chosen.

Demolition stage

In this stage, the contractor will tear down old designs to construct new ones

Roughing-In Stage & installation stage

Electrical and plumbing teams will lay out their systems on this stage. Other components like the bathtub or shower are also built or installed in accordance with the rough-in on this stage.

Finishing/ final checks

On this stage, bathroom flooring is laid. Walls are closed up, and final inspection is made to ensure no leaks in the system.


Most homeowners can do simple bathrooms improvements or repairs such as replacing doors, faucet or toilet seats. However, when you need to do an extensive bathroom repair or improvements, it is always a good idea to hire a professional company to do it. California city officials may also need to inspect and approve various stages of the construction.