All About Fidget Spinners

A classroom is an exciting place. A group of children is put together in a room where they are expected to sit and listen all day. This is a challenge for even the most well-behaved student. For those who may have conditions, such as ADHD, it can be almost impossible. Teachers in elementary classrooms all over struggle every day with trying to keep kids engaged and focused on the lessons they are trying to teach. All it may take to help keep kids on track is something simple called fidget toys.

Fidget Toys Defined

A fidget toy is any toy designed to occupy the hands while not distracting the brain. They are mindless toys that you play with using your fingers. Usually, they involve basic movements, like spinning. These toys are designed to help people who like to fidget, hence the name. They make no noise and are small so that they can be easily carried around every day. They are available in many different designs, too.

Benefits for Kids

Fidget toys and fidget spinners are beneficial to kids in many ways. They are especially useful for kids who have issues sitting still or who have a tendency to disrupt the class. These toys engage their minds in a way that doesn’t distract them from paying attention to what is being taught while occupying the part of their mind that causes them to fidget. It has been shown that little movements can help children to focus better, so these toys are a great addition to a classroom that helps increase student attention spans. Another great benefit of such toys for children is that they can help those kids who have issues with fine motor skills. These toys encourage movements and motions that help develop these skills.

Benefits for Teachers

Teachers are up against a lot. They have to ensure students learn all the material mandated by law while also making sure that each student is learning properly. This can be tough when a class has around 30 students. When there is one, two or even a few students having trouble sitting still, it distracts everyone else. Small issues escalate quickly. All it takes is one child disrupting class, and you easily lose the attention of everyone.

Because you can’t choose what children are in your class and you can’t just kick out a child that can’t sit still, you have to find alternatives. Fidget toys are a great alternative. They can be given to children who are having trouble. If you have an aide, he or she can monitor the child and note whether it is helping. The chances are that you will begin to see a difference.

A fidget toy isn’t a magic wand that will erase all classroom issues, but it can be used to help. Many teachers find that these toys offer a solution to disruptions and other issues in the classroom. They can be great toys to help students and encourage learning. Simply by introducing these toys, you can help to make your classroom more productive and a better place for everyone.