About Car Detailing


Car detailing is a very important service as it involves a thorough cleaning, reconditioning of the entire car, from top to bottom. It is a very important exercise which ensures your vehicle looks clean and almost as new as when it was driven from the showroom. Unlike normal vehicle cleaning, car detailing involves polishing, scratches removal, removal of stains, as well as ensuring the leather seats are shining. The plastic areas may also be dressed for protection and each place is done thoroughly. This article seeks to explain what is Rockingham Car Detailing and how it is done, as well as why it should be done.

Description- Steps involved

When you take your vehicle to a professional to be detailed, there are a number of steps that are involved. It also includes two main phases: interior and exterior detailing.

In exterior detailing, the vehicle will first go through an exhaustive car wash, to ensure all the dirt is removed, or as much as possible. This is done by cleaning the vehicle with soap that has been allowed to foam. When it comes to the wheels, the specialists will ensure to use special brushes which are able to do a thorough dirt and stain removal. The paintwork of your vehicle will also be cleaned from top to bottom through towels and washing mitts. To remove the bonded stains, the specialists may use a special mixture known as an automotive clay bar.

The paint may also be polished, just to ensure any kind of scratches has been removed, mainly by use of hand or a polish machine. The paint will finally be waxed such that there is an extra protective layer which makes the car shine.

Interior Detailing

In interior car detailing, all the contents of the vehicle’s interior will be thoroughly cleaned and shampooed such that the stains and dirt are removed. The leather parts of the vehicle will also be thoroughly scrubbed and even conditioned to get rid of all dirt. Plastics, as well as vinyl, will also be properly cleaned and dressed if necessary.

The engine will also need to be cleaned, although not many people will consider this step. However, it is usually very important, such that any mechanical problems may also be traced. This will also reveal how the car is well maintained when you opt to sell the vehicle. Cleaning of the engine may be done simply by spraying of water.


There are a number of benefits that come with car detailing, which can be listed as follows;

Value: You will get a greater value of your car, especially if you are planning to sell it.

Added protection: There is better vehicle protection as you will have a coat applied on your vehicle. The car will also be protected from rust.

Cost: It is very affordable, depending on your vehicle.

Final Verdict

Car detailing is generally a very important exercise which should be done at least once every five years. If you have used your vehicle for up to five years or more, then you will most likely have wear and tear, either due to scratches or small damages. However, detailing your vehicle will enable you to increase its value as much as possible. It is also very important to consider a number of factors before detailing your vehicle, such as your needs, services offered, as well as reviews. This will ensure you get the best service provider possible.