Armored vehicles manufacturer and supplier

MSPV is one of the world’s driving, an exclusive armored vehicles producer and Supplier. MSPV is a one of the most trusted and dependable providers of armored vehicles. We produce an enormous assortment of Armored Personnel Carriers, Cash-in-Transit, Luxury and Security vehicles which are intended to give viable assurance in high-chance circumstances. Every one of our vehicles experience universally perceived ballistics and effect tests, with STANAG 3 accreditation for military strategic vehicles and VPAM BRV 2009 VR7 for extravagance and specific reason vehicles. We are a main provider of armored vehicles with 100percent security record; our vehicles are sent by military everywhere throughout the world.

Armored Cars

MSPV is a quality viable armored vehicle producer from more than 10 years, committed in field of configuration, building, prototyping and creating armored business and strategic vehicles. Our past and current customers incorporate the Military website, NATO, and different government and non-government associations. Our central goal is to guarantee that we generally convey best shielding answer for our customers in least conceivable time. It is our guarantee that security and quality will never be consulted to decrease costs.  As driving armored vehicle makers, MSPV additionally offer explicit answers for low Intensity strife zones, for facilitating of transportability of work force and crucial hardware. Minerva Special Purpose Vehicles is all around situated to take on vehicles orders from Military, Governmental substances, outside international safe havens, police, private parts, including national banks and worldwide companies.

MSPV likewise offer explicit answers for low Intensity strife zones, for facilitating of transportability of staff and imperative hardware, alongside extraordinary impenetrable Ambulances. Because of the imperative mystery needs to secure the subtleties our armored cars available to be purchased, which can be designed to meet your careful needs.  In higher-hazard territories and even standard authorities and community workers might be ensured with MSPV armored vehicles. Strategic missions and private military temporary workers normally use armored cars as standard vehicles. As a side advantage, armored cars give inhabitants included assurance from interruption during a car crash. MSPV impenetrable vehicle give insurance to the staff of protection, paramilitary and police powers against little arms fire and explosive assaults. It has ability to be utilized in counter fear based oppressor as traditional job.

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